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The Future Is Here


Blockchain is the next wave in technology. It will disrupt the way we do trade, banking, asset transfers, bureaucratic processes, computing, software applications, and almost everything else. No one can stop the blockchain era, and so the Philippines has promulgated regulation for the technology.

The Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has issued a regulatory framework for the operation of cryptocurrencies and virtual currency exchanges, and we help their operators get the license.


A Way Around The World

China-PH-US Trade

The trade war between China and the US has refocused trade in the Philippines. The country is the natural link between the two economic giants, thanks to the nation's strategic geographical location and friendly relationship with the two. The Philippines trades both with China and with the US and can serve to channel Chinese and Americal products.

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Philippines' Edge


The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is thriving in the Philippines. Foreign companies field out their non-client-facing activities to Philippine BPOs.

The Filipino Advantage

Filipinos are college-educated and outstanding English-speakers. The labor pool is plenty, and the wages one of the most inexpensive in the world.

Benefits Aplenty

The government offers many benefits to BPO companies, including tax holidays, reduced tax and tariffs, and expedited special work visas.

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Business in the Philippines

We advise our clients on business registration and on the regulations that are relevant to them. We apply for the necessary permits, certifications, and licenses.


Business Registration

We register individual businesses at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), large companies and special entities, such as branch offices, partnerships, regional headquarters, and representative offices, at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If a resident agent, a corporate secretary, or a director is needed, we can serve as such.

Local Permits

We procure local business permits for companies. A local permit is required for every location (office, warehouse, or plant) a company maintains. Local permits come from the barangay (county) level and from the local government unit (city or municipality) level. Sanitary and fire inspections are conducted at the company's site or office. During these inspections, we can represent the client in the presence of the inspectors.

Special Licenses

We apply for special licenses for businesses that undertake a regulated activity. Many special licenses carry with them special benefits. These benefits include tax holidays, reduced tax and tariffs, and expedited special work visas. We advise our clients to take advantage of all these benefits. Among the government agencies that offer generous benefits are the Philippine Economic Zone Authority and the Board of Investments.


Work Visa

Some special licenses already include expedited special work visas for the client's employees, directors, officers, and owners. If such visa is not available, we apply for visas at the Bureau of Immigration.

Tax Registration

A business must be registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Like local permits, tax registrations are needed for every place a company maintains a facility. A tax benefit of which a client has been approved must be included in the application for tax registration, or the client may lose the benefit.

Ongoing Compliance

We renew these registrations, licenses, and visas periodically for our clients. We monitor continuous compliance and submit regular filings.

The Heavy Lifted

Payroll, Accounting & Tax

In the Philippines, the processes of payroll, accounting, and tax usually come together. They are formal and intricate and involve dealing with various government agencies at frequent intervals. Different treatments and computations apply to the minutest differences. Misapplications, miscomputations, and missed submissions are unavoidable to the unversed, and they result in significant penalties. If a company is unsure about its processes, it is best for the company to outsource them to a firm that knows. What is more, outsourcing is more economical than maintaining an in-house group.

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Full Business Support

These are all you need to start and support your business in the Philippines. You'd need nothing else.


Full Service

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