PEZA Guidelines of Registration – Part 3 of PEZA Series: Perks of Being a PEZA-Registered Business

All persons, firms, associations, partnerships, corporations, or any other business organization, regardless of nationality, control and/or ownership of the working capital, may apply for registration as an Export or Free Trade Enterprise upon compliance with the following procedure.

Documents required:

  1. Three duly accomplished application forms

  2. Project brief – the completion of the project brief entails the submission of additional documents relating to the statements made therein

  3. Anti-graft certificate

  4. Board Resolution authorizing the filing and designation of a representative

  5. SEC Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (if not yet available, submit draft of Articles of Incorporation)

  6. Project Feasibility Study – information and documents necessary in the preparation of the project feasibility study

  7. Supporting Technical Data and Documents such as equipment inventory, organizational chart, and others

  8. Financial Data and Documents such as number of employees, employee positions and salary rates, audited financial statements, and others

  9. Other documents specifically required according to the enterprise to be registered

  10. PEZA Reports (pre-registration, post-registration)

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