The 2017 Investment Priorities Plan

Concurrent with the theme of “Scaling Up and Dispersing Opportunities”, the Board of Investments, with the approval of President Duterte, has released the 2017 Investment Priorities Plan, which details all preferred activities and other priority areas for investment where citizens and foreigners alike may seek to invest or set up businesses.

I. Preferred Investment Activities

  1. Qualified Manufacturing Activities, including Agro-Processing

  2. Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry

  3. Strategic Services

    • Integrated Circuit (IC) Design

    • Creative Industries/Knowledge-Based Services

    • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) of aircraft

    • Charging/Refueling Stations for Alternative Energy Vehicles (except LPG-run vehicles)

    • Industrial Waste Treatment

    • Telecommunications

    • State- of-the-art Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

  4. Healthcare Services including Drug Rehabilitation Centers

  5. Mass Housing (only projects outside Metro Manila may qualify for incentives)

  6. Infrastructure and Logistics, including Public-Private Partnerships with Local Government Units

  7. Innovation Drivers, including, but not limited to

    • R&D Activities

    • Clinical Trials

    • Establishment of Centers of Excellence

    • Business Incubation Hubs

    • Fabrication Laboratories

    • Commercialization of New and Emerging Technilogies

    • Products of the Department of Science and Technology or Government-funded R&D

  8. Inclusive Business Models (covers medium and large enterprises in the agribusiness and tourism sectors providing opportunities to MSMEs)

  9. Environment or Climate Change-Related Projects

  10. Energy

II. Export Activities

  1. Production and Manufacturing of products to be exported

  2. Service Exports

  3. Activities in Support of Exporters, such as Warehousing and Logistics

III. Activities under Special Laws

All activities where inclusion in the IPP is mandated by statute, for purposes of incentives, fiscal or otherwise:

  1. Industrial Tree Plantation (P.D. 705)

  2. Mining (R.A. 7942)

  3. Publication or Printing of Books/Textbooks (R.A. 8047)

  4. Refining, Storage, Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum Products (R.A. 8479)

  5. Rehabilitation, Self-Development and Self-Reliance of Persons with Disability (R.A. 7277)

  6. Renewable Energy (R.A. 9513)

  7. Tourism (R.A. 9593)

IV. Priority Investment Areas for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)

  1. Export Activities

    • Export Trader and Service Exporters

    • Suppor t Activities for Exporters

  2. Agriculture and Agribusiness

  3. Aquaculture and Fishery

  4. Basic Industries

  5. Industrial Service Facilities

  6. Engineering Industries

  7. Logistics

  8. Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP – EAGA) Related Investment Enterprises

  9. Tourism

  10. Health and Education Services and Facilities

  11. Halal Industry

  12. Banking, Non-Bank Financial Institutions and Facilities

  13. Energy


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